Culturally inspired streetwear crafted with the creative & free-spirited individual in mind.


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E-S-K Stands for...

Eskimo Sock Knitters? Elephant Song Keepers? Curious to know where the initials of our company came from? Make a guess, take a stab at it, then click through to read more about how the company was started and the meaning behind those specific letters. Follow along with ESK on our official Instagram and Facebook pages!


Written In The Stars

ESK Apparel was no fluke. From a young age, a crew of three kids living in Southern Vermont banded together to take on the mountain and fresh concrete. Armed with handmade clothing and serious skill, the Kingz began making a name for them- selves. Now original ESK member JT is teaming up with designer and illustrator Deni Medina to bring a childhood dream to life...



There is no doubt about it, no matter the board in hand or the surface we face, we will try to race downhill or defy gravity in some way. Through sports like surfing and snowboarding, we have found an appreciation for comfortable clothing, unique designs and the feeling of freedom. ESK Productions gives us the outlet to create one-of-a-kind graphics in clothing and accessories that we want to wear. We hope to share this expression with you and help others ride in style.


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We are proud to be located in the heart of beautiful Vermont. The “Green Mountain State” got its name from its breathtaking mountains and stunningly vibrant colors. With every season bringing new life to a host of activities such as recreation, sports, and tourism, there is always something new and exciting to do. The perfect landscape for extreme sports and natural living, it's not hard to see why ESK set up shop here.  

Whenever possible we deal with local distributors and vendors in order to keep Vermont’s economies thriving..READ MORE →

Inspired by Mexican tradition

One of our favorite things to do is sit back and let the creativity flow. Lately we have been taking old projects and designs from "the vault" and reworking them. What began as a gift several Christmas' ago, the ESK Day of the Dead bandana wasn't originally intended to be sold. After a few seasons wearing it around, however, we became so attached to the design we knew we had to share it...  VIEW MORE


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We are constantly creating designs to splash across clothing, gear, and one day equipment for our favorite sports and activities. As old designs sell out, new ones will take their place. The more support we get along the way the more pieces we are able to produce for you! So share what you see across the web and check back throughout the season to see new products for sale and stock up on all your favorite ESK gear. 

Local to Southern Vermont?

If you live close by, you can order online but nix the shipping. Anytime you are going through Brattleboro hit us up for the chance to pick up your items instead of paying for postage.* This way you save a few bucks, and we get to meet a supporter!

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Live ⚡ Ride


The thrill of the wind in our hair... scenery whipping past us.. there is nothing quite like the rush of going downhill on your favorite board or flooring the gas pedal when the streets are empty. Blood coursing through our veins makes the day-time struggles worth it. To feel adrenaline pumping is to truly live. Sadly as we get older, the days of pushing our bodies to the max dwindle down. So we live through our memories and through you! Creating apparel for those who love that rush & seek out good design. Throw on your ESK duds and hit the slopes, tarmac, & waves of the world.   


Although we aren’t sponsering yet, we still want to see what tricks are up your sleeve! No matter your medium use #ESKlife on social media to help us notice your images and videos. Wear ESK gear while you shred, race, or fly for a chance to be featured on our official pages! Click here to shoot us your link


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